The Making of Mediterranean paradise

"True luxury is found in simplicity. Real freedom is to surrender. Sincere power is silent."

With this sentence as a guide, we set out on the most exciting trip of the year: the photo shoot of our new collection. In this trip we could see how the collection came to life, it is exciting how the collection acquires its own personality and is ready to be presented.



With our sustainable swimwear collection, we want to share with you our love and affection towards her and what better place for the shooting than a heaven on earth to show all its strength and majesty. And we found it in the Mediterranean Sea. Plenty of stunning spots where you can find thousand different shades of blue, steep cliffs or the quieter beaches ever. Finding the perfect spot was not easy, but we found it... on Ibiza!

The white island was perfect, its spirituality and mysterious character, exactly the atmosphere we where looking for. A place where you can see both the delicacy and the strength of Mother Earth. But this is almost the end, the whole process started much earlier. 



The casting is a turning point. It’s not as easy as just stand there and decide which model fits our styles better. All of them are gorgeous and, like most of the things in life, chemistry is really important. We wanted to reflect our diversity in the cast and we are happy with the selection we made. Photo shootings are hard work and sometimes days are like never-ending, so it is really important to have chemistry between the team to take the most of it. Luckily we put together a great team and even in the roughest moments we had lots of fun.


Ibiza is a magical island with plenty of amazing spots where we could transmit all our brand values. Nature doesn’t need anything and you can find beauty in its imperfections but you have to be quiet to notice it. At this time of the year, you can discover what the real Ibiza is, you can feel it’s power and spirituality just before a crazy summer.

We selected two different locations for the shooting, a small quiet bay close to Cala Tarida and the wild and strong Atlantis. Cala Tarida was the first location, a crystal-clear waters beach where we could start working. The day was perfect, the sun was shining and it was even very hot (it was the end of April so we were lucky).


But the real adventure arrived at Atlantis. Have you ever been there? We definitely recommend you to go. That place has so many interesting angles and a mysterious kind of feeling to it. Despite the 30 minutes hike to get there, it is truly worth it. What makes this place so special, is the combination of the strength of nature and human self-determination. This spot was called Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort by the locals. A great part of the stones needed to build the city walls to protect Dalt Vila  in the XVI century were taken from this spot. The name Atlantis is quite new and it comes from the myth of Atlantis, the mysterious island lost under the sea. 



Written by Cinzia Barberis
Published on May 25, 2019


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